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Learn here Compliment meaning in Urdu. We are going to tell you about what is Compliment Meaning in Urdu and English.  You have heard this word from lot of people, its Urdu meaning Khiraj e Tahsee, tareef karma, achay khaylat. Learn more about Compliment means in English and Urdu language, its synonyms, quotes and phrases below.


Compliment Meanings in English

“Compliment” is used in different situation especially when someone wants praise anyone is happy at performance or anything else. Compliment is a situation where someone wants to pay / say or give appreciation, admiration, praising, tribute and good remarks. We are going to tell you here about more similar words, few phrases and meaning in Urdu. It is a kind of feeling.


Other Meanings / Synonyms of Compliment are

  • Praise

  • Appreciate

  • Admire

  • Flattering remarks

  • Kind words

  • Tribute

  • Congratulate

  • Applause

  • Endorsement

  • Good Words


 “Compliment” Phrases and Sentences

  1. Every one of us wants to listen compliments but only few have courage to listen criticism. we always try to face and are able to listen both.

  2. A student, an employee, a spouse, a child or any other person can perform better with honest compliments so if you are a parent then must say some good words to you children and if you are teacher or a boss then you should also appreciate your subordinates and pupils after few days regularly. It works best than anything else.

  3. He has the courage to listen both compliment and criticism which many of us not. And for success in life whether your are a student, a business man or an employee, You have to face both of these in everyday life at everywhere.

  4. You can say her thousands words, quotes, poetry and lot of other stuff but if you are true in your love so to marry a woman is the bet compliment for her in whole life.

  5. All the cricket team except captain did not give good performance so every one including Media and spectators were complimenting about captain of cricket team in social media websites and newspapers.

  6. If some one is doing good deeds then don't hesitate to complete him whether he is your relative, family member, a friend or even a stranger.

  7. You can start friendship with anyone by by simply giving compliment to anyone. Because everyone want to hear praising words about themselves. But never over do it or it will show your fake behavior. 

  8. compliments are basically kind words which everyone player or student required for their better performance in their exams and in matches. If someone is doing hard work in their related field then he has right to get admiring comments.

  9. Relationship between husband and wife can get stronger if bother say some flattering remarks or compliments frequently. It shows their true love not only by actions but by words also.

  10. Don't ever give compliments to your children if they are doing something wrong but talk with them gently or some harshly if required.

Compliment   Meaning in Urdu

Word “Compliment” is in list of few mostly used words in the world. There are lot of new words, terms and sentences are included these days very quickly. Compliment meanings in Urdu are karaja e tahseen, tareef karna etc.   

 Compliment Meaning in urdu








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