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This webpage includes Best Urdu Sites, Top Urdu Websites of  Pakistani. Urdu web listing. Best Pakistani and Urdu sites, Urdu poetry newspaper smspk bbc English dictionary web magazine service Quran Greeting cards etc.


haroof.com is website where you can access everything in Urdu. Some of topics covered in this site are today’s Urdu newspapers, poetry, stories for adults and kids to read and download, sms for your friends and relatives and a long list of other Urdu  links. Just visit the site to know more.


A very useful site for everyone. It is about Urdu to English and English to Urdu dictionary. This site also offers free lesson. So you can lean language skills with these fast and simple lessons. When you open site you see a text box, here type some word in English or Urdu, in no time a page will open with its meaning and translation.


This website is source of complete Urdu poetry, stories, jokes, horoscope, sports and other news, sms of every kind, makeup tips for girls and women, cooking recipes very easy and simple, greeting cards for you loved ones, shairy and much more.


A perfect Website for Urdu books lovers. Come here for free Urdu books related to Islam, novels, stories, Quran, Shairy, history of Islam and Pakistan. It is actually a virtual library and a good site to find Urdu literature and books. Explore here books to free download. A very simple and to the point kind of website. Just for Urdu books and  nothing else.


Some people want a package site through which they can easily access on different topics on a single spot. And this site is all purpose site. Here you can find poetry in every language, watch videos of special moments. Some other channels of this site are Muslim names and meanings, latest and old polls and much more to see.



Abiha in Urdu

Urdu to English Dictionary

Urdu Poetry

Anaya Name Meaning in Urdu

Maham Name Meaning

Oregano Meaning in Urdu

BBC Urdu News

Beauty Tips In Urdu

Parveen Shakir


Urdu SMS

Skin care tips in Urdu

Shayari in Urdu and Hindi

Arabic dictionary in Urdu

Latifay in Urdu

birthday sms in Urdu

Barbie movies in Urdu

Cinderella cartoon in Urdu

Eid sms in Urdu

Epic meaning in Urdu

funny sms in Urdu

Fatima name meaning in Urdu

Maryam name meaning in Urdu

Aqsa name meaning in Urdu

Ayesha name meaning in Urdu

Hamza name meaning in Urdu

Desperate meaning in Urdu

Weird meaning in Urdu

Rizwan name meaning in Urdu

Pathetic meaning in Urdu

Kashif name meaning in Urdu

curious meaning in Urdu

Aliza name meaning in Urdu

niece meaning in Urdu

Laiba name meaning in Urdu

Worth meaning in Urdu

nephew meaning in Urdu

Spouse meaning in Urdu

Worst meaning in Urdu

Sarcastic meaning in Urdu



Hassan name meaning in Urdu

Usman meaning in Urdu

Pleasure meaning in Urdu

Awesome meaning in Urdu

Compliment meaning in Urdu

Siblings meaning in Urdu

Urdu love poetry

Abdullah name meaning in Urdu

Asma name meaning in Urdu

nerd meaning in Urdu

often meaning in Urdu


stunning meaning in Urdu

illusion meaning in Urdu

Literally meaning in Urdu

Optimistic meaning in Urdu

prosperity meaning in Urdu

Today Horoscope in Urdu


adore meaning in Urdu

Dictionary English to Urdu free download

conservative meaning in Urdu

Learn to Write Urdu Online

occupation meaning in Urdu


fate meaning in Urdu





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