Maham Name Meaning in Urdu



Maham Name Meaning in Urdu

چاند کی طرح     -      چاند کی روشنی    

Maham Lucky Number


Maham Lucky Stone

Green Stones

Favorable Colors

Green, white



Famous People

Wife of a Mughal King

Maham Aamir (TV Star)


Maham Meaning in English

generous, Humble


Persian, Arabic, Urdu, Hindi




Maham name is used mostly in Muslim world and in history it was a name of Persian Queen which was so beautiful than people called her that she is like full moon. Due to this reason she was called Maham forever and people had used to name their daughter as this name. Maham Urdu meaning is “Chand ki Roshni” or “Chand ki Tarah”. We have compiled below full details about this names including its qualities, negativities, Career, Health issues and other personality traits.


چاند کی روشنی

چاند کی طرح 

Personality of Maham


Persons with this name are have very energetic mind and thinking is its make their character. These people don’t do everything by heart but prefer their mind first in everything such as their decisions, wishes, power etc. Actually it is Maham Mind which decides everything about her life.   These people are very good at humanitarian and generous deeds. Because they never hesitate to help and assist other, they can make friends and contact very easily than other people in our society. For this reason, everyone around them comes to them to seek support and help. They are also good at identifying feeling of their family members and friends and ready to give them advice.


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