Niece Meaning in Urdu




Read here what is Niece meaning in Urdu, who to use this word, what is its opposite and happy birthday’s wishes for niece.


Birthday Wishes for Niece:

For You Niece Happy Birthday.

Special Happy Birthday for very special Niece.

Happy Birthday for a Niece! Who is very smart, pretty and Sweet girl.

Fabulous birthday wishes foe my niece who is really great.

Words Greatest Niece. Happy Birthday.


Niece Plural

Niece is used only for a single person as singular. So, What is Plural of this world, It is Nieces. This plural is used when someone is talking about more than one person.


What is the opposite Gender of Niece?

Niece is used for daughters of sisters and brothers and cousins. It is used only for girls but what is its opposite word used for boys. The world used for son of sister and brother is “Nephew”.


Niece Meaning in Urdu

Niece mean in Urdu is Bhanji and Bhateji or bhatiji. Its means daughter of sisters, brothers, cousins, brother and sister’s in laws etc. It is used only for girls and not for boys. In Urdu and Hindi we use separate words for Sister's daughter and for brother's daughter but in English niece is used for both.

Niece Mean in Urdu









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