Optimistic Meaning in Urdu


Optimistic meaning in Urdu

پُر امید، رجائیت پسند، خوش امید، مثبت سوچ

Optimistic Meaning in English

Positive Feelings or Thoughts, Hopeful, Confident

Optimistic Synonyms

Bright, Assured, Happy, Cheerful

Optimistic Antonyms

Doubtful, Depressed, Hopeless, Pessimistic

Optimistic Adverb


Optimistic Definition

Thinking or feeling about anything with positive feeling and making hope.



Collect here information about Optimistic meaning in Urdu. We are going to tell you about what is Optimistic Meaning in Urdu and English.  You have heard this word from lot of people, its Urdu meaning is pur umeed, Rajayat pasand, masbat soch etc. Learn more about Optimistic means in English and Urdu language, its synonyms, quotes and phrases below.


Optimistic Meanings in English

“Optimistic” is positive feeling or thoughts about anything coming or happening in future. For example, a person is optimistic about exam scores, about job or win in game. There is lot of other examples for this kind of act. We are going to tell you here about more similar words, few phrases and meaning in Urdu. It is a kind of feeling. Optimistic kind of people only thinks positive or bright side of an aspect. Other Meanings / Synonyms of Optimistic are


  • Hopeful

  • Positive

  • Bright

  • Cheerful

  • Sanguine

  • Confident

  • Buoyant

 “Optimistic” Phrases / Sentences / Quotes

  • He is quite confident and optimistic about his promotion in next few months.

  • Although life is very tough and full of hurdles but I always thinks optimistic side.

  • Never override negative and pessimistic thoughts on your mind but always thinks positively and optimistic.

  • Being optimistic not only keep your fit, healthy, pressure and tension free but it also is very helpful in your progress and promotions.

  • I am more optimistic about progress and prosperity in our country than I’ve every been.

Optimistic Meaning in Urdu

Optimistic ka matlab hey kisi cheese key maray mein masbat sooch rakhna. Word “Optimistic” is in list of few mostly used words in the world. There are lot of new words, terms and sentences are included these days very quickly.

 optimistic mean in urdu

Optimism in Real Life

Everyone have to face some kind of problems in this world. Someone is worried about health and some are concern about money. Many of them unknowingly can give loss to their health due to these troubles. For this reason, we can see more bad temper and anger in people now a day. Who don’t have to face problems but many of us live happy and lives despite these troubles. We can deal many problems if we keep hope alive. Experts have proved that optimism is a way to avoid bitter behavior and regret in life.


 According to specialists of human behaviors one of the main reasons of Bitterness and frustration in life is failure and in this situation human thinking stops at one direction. Habit of self desperation can affect metabolism, immune and nervous system of human body. As a result, all this can cause danger of mental disorder. Experts say that you can only avoid bitterness of life that try again with more hope, passion and will after a failure. If we learn to forget regrets of failure and look forward then we can get rid of many mental disorders. Most of us both men and women make self problems from tiny problems.


A survey published in Medical news says that people live longer with hope and optimistic behavior. The research was conducted on 100 thousand women of middle age. Results show that hopeful women were living healthier and longer lives than desperate and hopeless people.  Dangers of heart disease were 30% less in hopeful women than hopeless and desperate. Disappointed women had more death ratio and there were also cancer and other fatal diseases found.








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Optimistic Meaning in Urdu

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