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Oregon oil is used for skins, cough and also has many other benefits. This plant is not only has similarity with mint but also in taste too. You can find here information about Oregano meaning in Urdu and Hindi and who to pronounce this word. It can be grown in different parts of world. You can use its dried of fresh leaves, oil and other parts of plant in recipes and home made remedies. Oregano dried leaf is full of Vitamin K, Manganese, Iron, Calcium and fibers. Its leaves are like Basil Leaves or Mint Leaves in size and Shape but have different taste and aroma. Main Difference is that Carom are just seeds but leaves are called Oregano means Ajwain plant leaves. It is also called Zatar in Arabic language.

You can buy Oregano from any grocery shops or from online stores from all over the world.


In specific climates you can also grow it in pots or in fields as well.


Oregano Meaning in Urdu and Hindi

There are different meanings available for Oregano because this plant is not much used in India and Pakistan areas. Some says that it is Ajawain or Basil leaves or niazbo plant. But many others disagree with both of these. Niaz bo or Tulsi has English name of Basil and Ajwain is called Caron Seed in English and Ajvain in Hindi.

We have found meaning of Oregano in many online dictionaries Hindi and Urdu as “Ajwain, Sathra, Mirzanjosh etc.


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