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We have gathered here source from which you can read and enjoy Pahliyan in Urdu, Hindi and English with answers. Some websites also presents riddles for kids and children. Have a look at these sites where you can find best and largest collection of Pahelian in Urdu, Hindi, Punjabi and English.


Urdu Paheliyan with Answers


Read here and enjoy Urdu Pahliyan with answers. You can find here many easy and simple riddles for every one. Visit the website and enjoy. You will get here best collection that everyone including children, teacher and parent will like much. It is a good time consuming activity for everyone. Paheliyan are also called riddles in English are popular all over the world. It is also a good source to increase IQ levels because everyone one has to think logically and intelligently for each and every side on different aspects and things in life.

Funny Pahyeliyan


This site offers one of the largest collection of Urdu pahliyan with answers. This is a forum and you can also answer any paheli. Because this is a forum and members have already posted here hundreds of best and famous Paheliyan in Urdu so, you can find here best collection of funny and thinkable questions for you and for you children. School children boy and girls will love all this collection and could be used in homes, schools, colleges, with friends and family members.



Stories.pk offers Urdu paheliyan. This collection is not in roman buy simple Urdu image. So you can read it easily. 8 very interesting pahliyan or riddles are available here with answers too.


Very interesting riddles or pahliyan are discussed here. Different people give here different answers so it is very time passing and enjoyable url to explore.



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