Pleasure Meaning in Urdu




Wondering what is meaning of Pleasure in Urdu? we are going to tell you about what is Pleasure Meaning in Urdu and English?  You have heard Pleasure from lot of people, its Urdu meaning farhat, khushi. Learn more about Pleasure means in English and Urdu language, its synonyms, quotes and phrases below.


Pleasure Meanings in English

“Pleasure” is used in different situation especially when  someone feels happiness, enjoyment, delight, joy, contentment and satisfaction and gratification on some act, job, performance for himself or for others also. We are going to tell you here about more similar words, few phrases and meaning in Urdu. It is a kind of feeling.


Other Meanings / Synonyms of Pleasure are

  • Enjoyment

  • Happiness

  • Delight

  • Joy

  • Bliss

  • Contentment

  • Satisfaction

  • Gratification


“Pleasure” Phrases

Going to bed after a long hard word day gives me more pleasure than anything else.

Listening good music is best source to get pleasure.

Life is combination of Pain and Pleasure, But both gives us opportunities of learning more.

Helping others gives us real pleasure.

If you want to live happy then find pleasure every day doing little thing.


Pleasure Meaning in Urdu

Word “Pleasure” is in list of few mostly used words in the world. There are lot of new words, terms and sentences are included these days very quickly. Pleasure meanings in Urdu are farhat, lutf, taskeen, Khushi and musarat etc.



Worst Meaning in Urdu

ورسٹ کا اردو میں معنی ہے "بدترین"۔

Worst Sentences

  • Plastic shopping bags made this city worst in Pakistan.

  • Worst days will soon end in few months.

  • I dont like most of these but this of worst of all.








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