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Learn here “Stunning” meaning in Urdu. We are going to tell you about what is Stunning Mean in Urdu and English.  You have heard this word from lot of people, its Urdu meaning is nehayat umda, shandar, chaka chond etc. Learn more about Stunning means in English and Urdu language, its synonyms, quotes and phrases below.


 Stunning Meanings in English

“Stunning” is used in different situation especially when someone want to admire some person, thing or event. Stunning is a situation when people are impress by performance, work, beauty, dress or other. We are going to tell you here about more similar words, few phrases and meaning in Urdu. It is a kind of feeling.


Other Meanings / Synonyms of Stunning are

  • Dramatic

  • Eye Catching

  • Striking

  • Dazzling

  • Spectacular

  • Impressive

  • Surprising

  • Startling


“Stunning” Phrases / Sentences

  • You can say “She/he is stunning” when look a very attractive and extra beautiful and good looking person.

  • My few years back pictures are proof that I was looking stunning when quite young but not now anymore.

  • Although I am young, wealthy but not stunning.

  • Makeup, lights, video editing tools and Latest cameras makes here stunning altogether.


Stunning  Meaning in Urdu

Word “Stunning” is in list of few mostly used words in the world. There are lot of new words, terms and sentences are included these days very quickly. Stunning meanings in Urdu are Nehayat Umda, Shandaar, and Extra Ordinary etc.   


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