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Read here about daily Horoscope in Urdu for Leo, Libra, Pisces, Virgo, Gemini, Cancer, Capricorn and others stars. You can find here free Horoscope of weekly, monthly and yearly for your star. check out for Love Horoscope for your sing. It is kind of knowledge and thoughts But God knows better what will happen today, tomorrow or in coming days of our life. Anyhow, below are some of best free online horoscope sites where you can check your daily and monthly horoscope.   You can find it in every country and culture and not from recent years but thousands of years back.

It is widely used in China and India still today. People in India, china and to some Extent Pakistan also believe in horoscope. Anyhow, we are giving here some best websites where you can read your horoscope, zodiac signs/Star for today on daily basis, weekly, monthly or yearly.


Virgo Daily Horoscope in Urdu


Monthly and daily Virgo Horoscope in Urdu


Check here daily and monthly Virgo horoscope in Urdu. This star sign is also called “Sunbla” in Urdu language. Know more about Virgo personality, love compatibility, stone and other information.


Virgo Star in Urdu


It is another good source to get information about Virgo star sign daily horoscope in Urdu. It is a complete source to know horoscope, personality, yearly horoscope, lucky number, compatibility, love horoscope and others.


Love Horoscope Virgo Today


Best place to know daily love horoscope of Virgo and other sign stars.  It also gives information about Virgo daily horoscope, careers, jobs, money, business, relationship with other star signs and more information.



You can read today or daily horoscope of every sing or star but it also tells us other information such as symbol, group, polarity, element, color, ruling planet, lucky gem, quality, best day of week, lucky numbers and others.



Urdupoint is one of the best and largest Urdu websites. It also has page of daily horoscope. Daily horoscope is presented by Amir Mian from Gulberg Lahore. He is famous palmist.



This is rather a new site but is is lot of Urdu Stuff including Daily, weekly, monthly Horoscope. It also has other section of site including Islam, children stories in Urdu. One of the best site to know your stars, dreams, stones, your week and month. It also has separate pages about palmistry, astrology, children names, Dua in English and Urdu.


Weekly Horoscope in Urdu


Find here daily and weekly horoscope (star) in Urdu. Zaicha software is also offered here for free. You don’t have to any special Urdu font to read your horoscope or stars. Read your sitarey or burj includes meezan Libra, Scorpio or aqrab, Leo or asad, Virgo or sunmbla and all other stars. These all are provided by expert mahir e najoom or horoscope expert.  You can also contact Mian Amir.



This is a unique website for Urdu horoscope. Read your stars daily, weekly, monthly and yearly. Read your zodiac signs in Urdu. This website also provides aap ka din, hafta and mahina. Aap kay sitaray. Interpret your dreams in Urdu. Get information about your favorite gem stones or pathar.

Discover here your daily star and horoscope in Urdu. Your stars are available here such as Virgo, Taurus, Pisces, Aries, Leo, cancer, Scorpio. This webpage is updated on daily basis.



Read your horoscope for year 2010 and 2011 in Urdu.  Aaj ka din, aap ka hafta all in Urdu is available here. These predictions are available for all stars.



Visit this site for your daily horoscope.  You can find here full weekly or daily horoscope. This site also offers lucky stars for you and lucky numbers. Whether you are born in June, July, august, September or October, discover here horoscope or stars information for every stars like, Libra, Virgo  etc.







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Optimistic Meaning in Urdu

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