Usman Name Meaning in Urdu Lucky Number and Stone


Name Meaning in Urdu

  اسلام کے تیسرے خلیفہ کا نام -      حضرت عثمان رضی اللہ عنہ  -   

Lucky Number

6, 15, 24

Lucky Stone


Favorable Colors

Blue, white and Green


physically powerful, thinker, squanderer, Spiritual

Famous People


Meaning in English

The Young of a Lark


Read here about meaning of “Usman” in Urdu language and Shahzad name. Usman is a boy name and sometimes spelled as Uthman in different parts of the world and is very famous all over the world.

Hazrat Usman was also 3rd Caliph of Islam. Name Origin is Turkey, Iran and Arabian Countries but is now also poplar in Africa, Asia and other parts.  

This name “Usman” is mostly used by Muslims in Pakistan, India, Saudi Arabia, Middle East, Europe, US and many other parts of the world.  



Favorable colours:  Blue, white and Green

Stone:   Emerald

Lucky Number:  6, 15, 24

Qualities: physically powerful, thinker, squanderer, Spiritual.


Usman name meaning in Urdu:   

Usman Name Meaning in English: Name of 3rd Caliph


Usman Khan Shinwari: Right Hand Batsman / Cricketer of Pakistan

Usman Dadi: A famous Photographer

Usman Riaz: Singer and Musician

Usman Khawaja: Pakistani Born Australian Cricketer

Usman Qadir: Pakistani Cricketer and son of Abdul Qadir


Qualities, Desires and Capabilities

 People with name Usman could have dual nature. They are best organizer in every part of life but also don’t hesitate to step into new experiences, unsteadiness and revolution. Student with this name are famous for their nature of questioning and arguments.

They don’t take any others ideas and words easily and quickly but mostly rely on their selves. They have very realistic kind of nature and always like practical. Their favorite hobby is traveling and they want to travel not only in country but also around the world and want to see with their on eyes rather than just watching pictures and videos of places.

They could be very successful in Engineering and other technical and mechanical kind of careers. They like to test not only their physical capacity but also mental capabilities.


Usman Capabilities

You can become very good leader or educator in you’re your organization or through any good job. These people are also good role models because of their good qualities such as wide understanding and hard working.

They can become good government Officer also specially in finance related offices and also have prospective approach in other kind of careers. They are also fond of serving humanity and do it not for money but only for inner satisfaction.

 Impartiality is another significance value of those people.  They also feel very happy by sharing thing to other family members and friends.


Usman Health Issues

Mostly People with the name “Usman” have to face stomach related health problems including Ulcers, Constipation and others.



Fire, stealing, disaster, bribery and other things can destroy their business or jobs. Other people always try to use their finance for own benefits thus they don’t have much physical ease.


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