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Aiza Khan was very nervous when she faced Camera first time but is now one of the most excellent, best and famous female actresses in Pakistan. She already has completed various TV Dramas and is working on more. Know more about Ayeza Khan Biography, official facebook page, dramas list, husband, wedding pics, date of birth, family, sisters and much more in details. Aiza is a not only a beautiful girl but a versatile actress also. She has very successful in all of her roles and every one not only in TV but common people likes her much.

The name of Aiza Khan is recognized in very little time in Pakistan Drama Industry. She has already played various kinds of roles till now and is has intention to play more such roles in future. She doesn’t want to play only single type of roles again and again. But she likes to play serious roles than comedy. I also do not intend to work in films. Perhaps, she is now need of TV for her this kind of serious attitude. For this reason, she could be seen in many Dramas these days. This girl with innocent and simple feature believes in less conversation.

Ayeza khan started her career in age of just 16 years in year 2009. She never thought to work showbiz industry and never planned about it. But many people said her to try in TV because of here face beauty. So, we can say that she comes in showbiz by chance. Her first work in tv were much appreciated and she is now in the list of top actresses in Pakistan. She has complete support from here family. Her mother mostly can be seen with here and here sister Hiba Khan and brother Arham Khan also has worked in TV Drama Ankahi. She believes that no one can progress without support of family and friends. She said in an interview that she was very nervous while working with Sania Saeed. But she learned much from her. She also liked to work with Saba Hameed, Faisal Qureshi and Muhib Mirza because all these people don’t have any kind of vanity about their fame.

She accepts roles and new dramas only after reading script and cast first and only do roles which are compatible with our culture and values. She never thinks to play bold roles. She says that here role in Mi Raqsam was very challenging. She learned that how to fill colour of reality in any role. And all liked here this play very much. Fahad Mustafa, Huhib Mirza and Sami Khan are inspiring actors. These all made a mark in very little time.  Her role in “Adhoori Aurat” was quite different. Usually girls don’t accept these types of hard roles. But she only accepted this because she think as it very realistic role.

She is not happy with comedy these days in TV Dramas. She is hardly seen in comedy scenes. She doesn’t sign non standard roles but will accept if she is satisfied. Aiza Khan said that she is tired of crying girls type of role in every drama but it is a trend and producers like it. But a woman today is working every where and why we don’t code these achievements in our dramas. For this reason, imported dramas are very famous also these days. She is also anguished by those producers and people who are promoting foreign actors and not Pakistani talent.


Aiza Khan Dramas

Aiza Khan is doing work in different TV Dramas but “Payaray Afzal” is one of of her most hit Dramas. It was directed by Nadim Baig and its main cast is Hamza Ali Abbasi, Aiza khan, Sana Javed, Saba Hameed, Anoushay Abbasi and Firdous Jamal. Hamza Ali Abbasi is playing role as Son of Firdous Jamall (an Imam masjid) but his son is trapped in bad society. Aiza khan is unwilling for marriage at will of her parents and for which she has to lie much. Ultimately, she meets with Ali Abbassi.

  • Adhori Aurat

  • Larkian Mohallay ki

  • Totay hoay Par

  • Pul Sarat

  • Maye Ni

  • Kala Jado

  • Shadi Mubarik

  • Mera Sain

  • Aks

  • Ghalati sey mistake ho gai

  • Meray Mehrban

  • Payaray Afzal




Many fans of Ayeza khan want to know about her life including dramas, pictures, wedding, husband, new dramas, date of birth, sisters, brothers, family, friends and much more. And what is a good place to know about Aiza Khan other than here official facebook age.

You can read here latest posts on facebook. Aiza is very patriot person and she wants peace in country as soon as possible. She usually rights very lightly on various continuing issues in our country.

She hates misrepresentation, broken promises and lies. Aiza Khan first time faced Cameras in age of 16 years in her life. Then she was very nervous and thought that everyone is staring at her. But now she is use to Camera and totally forgets that someone is looking at her. She acts now as she is doing at from childhood. She received many offers from Films but working in movies is never her target and she also believes that she is not suitable for movies. She is other type of person and cant do dance, songs and filmy type of look very well and said that “Perhaps I’ll never works in movies”.

Ayeza Khan started here career from modeling but she is far away from this. But she also stated that she likes modeling and will work in good commercials as a model if offered. She is very lucky girl and has not face much hurdles in her way to progress. She remains sober on shooting sets and return to home immediately after completing the work. fame has not made her arrogance and she feels same as once she was before being a star. She never thought that she’ll become so famous actress and will find so much love from people. Aiza Khan likes much when some one ask her for pictures and autograph. She never misbehave with here fans and she Thank Allah for this. She never planned much about her coming life and it is the time which is making ways for her. She is naturally a very simple girl and not fond of much fashion and style.

She likes to wear soft dresses and dresses and other stuff. She don’t go much on many events and ceremonies. Ayeza Khan is not brand Conscious and can buy any thing from the market which she just likes. She never gives importance to wealth but always impressed by intelligent and able kind of people. She do not believe in running after money and strongly believes that you’ll find money according to you luck. Pakistan Drama industry is progressing and new talented and education people girls and boys are coming every day. She also likes to cook Pakistani and Chinese food and is also expert in making best food. Many people think that she copy famous superstar Reema khan but Aiza Khan declare that she she respect Reema but never copies here. But if people think that my face is like Reema than it is good news for me.


Wedding Pics

Aiza Khan was married with stunning, stylish and beautiful male actor Danish Taimoor. They both are living a very happy life. Many people thinks as both are most handsome, smart and beautiful couples in recent years in Pakistan drama and showbiz industry. Many people want to see their favourtie star Aiza khan wedding pics and how she looked on her marriage ceremony especially on Mehndi, Barat and Walima. What was here wedding dresses, hair styles, makeup and jewlerry on here marriage. There are many sites where you can see Ayeza khan wedding pictures but we have selected here some best sites where you can see here wedding pics collection. There are lot of rumors around Pakistan social media that Aiza khan will not work after wedding but in an interview she denies it all and said that she was on vacations for 3 months after here marriage and her fan will see here again in various TV Dramas. So, Just wait and see what's happen. For the time, Let's see Ayeza Khan wedding pics here.


Ayiza Khan Barat Photos


Ayeza Khan Wedding Reception Pictures


Ayeza Khan with her Husband on Wedding Pics


Aiza Khan and Danish Taimoor Wedding Pics




Full Name: Aiza Khan / Ayeza Khan

Occupation: Actress

Date of Birth / Age: 15-Jaunary-1991

Sister Name: Hiba Khan

Brothers Names: Arham Khan – Wasif Khan

Facebook Official Page:

Birth Place: Karachi

Husband Name: Danish Taimoor



Ayeza Khan Wiki




 Get here information about Salman khan’s Height, Weight, Date of Birth, Father Name, Place of Birth, Nick name, Star sign.


Date of birth

Salman khan birth date is : 27-12-1965

Fathers name: salim Khan

Nick name: Sallu

Height in Feet : 54 feet 8 inches

Height in m :      1.73

Place of birth “ M P Indore

Star sign : Capricorn





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Date of Birth: 14-3-1965

Place of Birth: Mumbai

Wife name: Kiran Rao

Father’s Name: Tahir Hussain

Nick Name: AK

Height: 5 Feet 6 Inches

Children: 2





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Date of Birth: Nov 2 1965

Place of Birth: New Delhi

Height: 5 feet 7 inches

Wife name: Gauri Khan

Father’s Name: Taj Muhammad Khan

Studied in: Delhi

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