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Fahad Mustafa is famous Model, Actor and producer of Pakistan Television. He has worked in various dramas. Fahad father is famous Sindhi and Urdu actor Salahuddin Tunio. His wife name is Sana Fahad and they have a child girls “Fatima Tunio”. Fahad was also nominated for lux style award for Satellite best TV Actor thus he inherited acting from his father. He started his career in 2002 from play “Seeshay ka Mahal” and in days he was counted in some of best Pakistani male actors. He has also given many hit dramas including Baho Rani, Aatshi, Pull Sarat and Mastana Mahi. He tries to give his best in every role. But in “Mein Abadul Qadir Hoon” he play such a role that he looked stunning in this play. Fahad has to face many challenges in beginning of his career but he got a main role in drama serial Veena in 2008 and it was also turning point. As a producer, his long play “Khalq” went very famous and successful. Fahad Mustafa is not only a good actor and producer but he is also good model.

Fahad was student of pharmacy and also got 3 years pharmacy education but leave in way. He was born in Karachi and has 3 brothers and a sister. He was fond of acting from his childhood and has also appeared as child star in his childhood in various dramas with his father. But he has to face lot struggle to avail this position where he has now. He don’t accept every character but ignore those which he cant understand. He like to play on those character which have margin. He also said that hosting is more difficult and challenging than acting in way. He has also completed various dramas as a producer and there are many in pipeline. Although drama style is changed but people watch now more TV than before. Pakistani TV drama industry is prospering very quickly. In our dramas special care is given to culture, society and religion. Our dramas are liked not only in Pakistan but also in Middle East and other parts of the world.

He believes that there is lot of margin for new actors and actresses in showbiz industry. Dramas of today are more realistic that before and this is quality of these dramas. He is inspired by Late Salim Nasir and is also impressed by Moeen Akhtar and Bushra Insari and their work is beacon of light for new comers.  He feels anxious on set for retakes and late starting. He said in an interview that he hosting is very tough job and everyone can’t do it. Only people with special skills can do it perfectly and successfully. Every host of morning shows has its own style. Arranging morning shows is job of whole team. There is lot of people work behind the camera also. He is working in “Mahmir” film of G Anjum Shehzad, Sanam Saeed and Iman e Ali are also part of its cast. Sarmad Sehbai is its script writer. He has not any concerns on showing foreign dramas and films in Pakistan.

Fahad Mustafa said about his wife that she never minds his female fans phone calls. Both understand very much about each other and they have never clash on female fans calls. But Fahad Wife feels very happy that her husband has lot of fans. But yes, small kind of bickering is necessary for every husband and wife but we never reach at point of fight. If it reaches to any serious point then we try to conciliate as soon as possible. Fahad He also said that it will be premature to say anything about his children careers as acting. He is very satisfied with behavior of senior artists in Pakistani TV Industry. New Comers are always welcomed open heatedly and every one likes to help each other. He also is thinking of making his own film in near future. He has lot of busy schedule and there are also various dramas and films he has to work.


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