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Although Humaima Malik is very famous model and actress in Pakistan but after working with Imran Hashmi in an Indian Movie she got real fame in International media also. Ever one is talking these days about her Kiss with Imran Hashmi and other scandals. Humaima was married but divorced know. She first husband was “Shamoon Abbassi” a famous actor in Pakistan TV and Film but they are separated know for different reasons. We have collected here lot of information about Humaima Malik including her biography, facebook page, age, height, brother, sister, family pictures, dramas and movies etc. She also appeared in various Indian TV shows including “Comedy Nights with Kapil” and talked about here new films.

She is already working in several films in Bollywood and many other she is also in touch with other producers for more upcoming movies. In an interview she stated that she has very busy schedule already and has to travel a lot to Pakistan, Dubai, London and now in India also. Hamiama Malick likes to work in Indian Movies. She thinks Zeba Bakhtiar was only female actress from Pakistan who could succeed in Indian Film Industry as heroine. She has Millions of fans from around the world including Pakistan, India, Middle east and other countries also and every one is waiting for her new movie. Many people also thinks that these kinds of people also can has effects in making good relations between two Countries. There are also many other Pakistani singers, actors, Musicians, Comedians already have found lot of work in Indian including Ali Zafar, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Atif Aslam and lot of others.

Humaima Malick is very beautiful, bold, talented and hardworking actresses. She could play any type of role nicely. She is also very smart, naturally have fair complextion, beautiful voice and everything a producer can think for here heroine in a movie. Humaima tries to giving here best whether it is modeling, a TV drama, a Commercial or film.  


Humaima Malik started here careers at very young age as a model. She has worked with very famous names in Pakistan Modeling and TV including Depak Parwani and many others. Humaima has successfully complete dramas including “Ishq Junoon Dewangi”, “Akbari Ashari”, “Tallug” and many others. Her first film was “BOL” and she also played a main role in this movies. This film was appreciated much inside and outside Pakistan and it also makes new path for Humaima and many other actors and actresses as well. She is thinking to work now only in Movies and will sighn other TV dramas also after investigation of her character and extra time from her busy schedule especially these and coming days. She also was nominated for various types of awards for here best acting. In India, Many famous directors and producers are signing her for their new upcoming movies. Her First Indian film is “Raja Natwarlal” and its hero is “famous and unique” Imran Hashmi. Back in Pakistan here kiss scene with Emran Hasmi is criticed much by some people but she is satisfied with here character and performance. She stated that “it was demand for film” to do such type of scenes. Anyhow, She also stated that Imran Hashmi is wonderful person and she enjoyed a lot while working with him. She is also a scandal queen and there are lot of rumors everywhere about her marriage proposals, love affairs and other types of scandals with different players, actors and celebrities from Pakistan and India. But we all are waiting for her interview about all these gossips. She is also very picky and always try to read full script before choosing or signing a film or drama. Humaima can play any type of role well and her career till now has proved this already. She is also very kind, loving and caring person.


Humaima Malik Facebook Page

This is Humaima Malik’s Facebook page and she also has page with the same name on Instagram and Twitter. You can get here very brief information about her date of birth, personal life, her friend, family. Pictures and much more. Humaima started her profession as a model from Karachi. It was the city of Quetta where she was born on 08-11-87. She is graduate and also studied in different schools and colleges in Quetta. Her family moved to Karachi after some times and here she started here modeling career. She also has sisters and brothers. She was married with Shamoon Abassi but there wedding journey end soon for various reasons. She talks not much about here ex husband and their relations. In Many interviews she is asked about her personal life but she escaped very clearly from these types of questions. You can also see here lot of videos and latest pics from various events including ceremonies, awards, movies sets and with lot of friends, family members and co stars.


Humaima Malik Pics

Humaima is a pretty girl and lot of people from around the world come on net just only to see here pics. There are hundreds of sites where you can find her pictures but we have given here some best place where you’ll uncover Humaima malick best photos with family, friends, relatives and co stars from Bollywood and TV Artists. These days have bee very lucky for her as more film offers are coming in few months of period. 2 famous Bollywood Filmmakers have offered her for upcoming movies. Shooting’ll take place in Australia and South Africa etc. With her busy schedule in Bollywood these day she stated that “She’ll continue to work in Pakistan also” she also said in an interview that she don’t want to kind of work which leads to anonymity of my country.

Bollywood Directors and producers of film offered her for main role in their films. She will only work with famous Indian Heroes. She also never thought that she will got movies so quickly in India. She also said that “She will only work for good roles and quality films”. Humaima Malik is working in Indian these days but she said that she’ll also work in Pakistan too. She’ll work in good Pakistani Movie as well.

Humaima Malik Wedding Pics

Humaima Wedding and scandals Pictures and story

Humaima with here Brother

With Sister and Brother

Photos and Biography


Sister / Family

Dua Malick is younger sister of Humaima Malik and she is just married. Humaima attended here wedding after coming back from India. She loves and care her all her family and tries to give proper time for here parent and sister and brother or other family members. Specially she never misses Eid, Bakraeid and other events and enjoy a lot back at home.  She also has a brother who is also a model can could be seen on different events and ceremonies along with Umaima Malick.



Humaima Malik is rather new to Bollywood but she is already a star in short period of time. Lot of people like here work in Movies and want to watch here songs videos. We have gathered here a list of best sites where you can find here most famous songs collection from different movies.



Some people love Humaima Malik and some hates here. But many of these want to know about her life. We have given below a short biography with other details above about Humaima including film career, family, sister, movies and lot more.

  • Date of Birth: 11-18-1987

  • Sister: Dua Malick

  • Place of Birth: Quetta

  • Education completed: from Quetta

  • Husband (Divorced): Shamoon Abbasi

  • Height: 5.5

  • Weight: almost 50 Kilos





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