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Do you want to know about Gorgeous Mahira Khan. She is not only beautiful female but also brilliant actress. She can perform any kind role and time has proved that. Mahira got fame from a role Khirad and many others. Drama “Hamsafar” was her most famous career building TV serial. She proved her a best and talented actress in this drama. After that she also worked in movie “Bol” and then it took here to real fame especially to Indian film industry. Directors and producers from India and Pakistan are making her offers for leading role in their upcoming movies and not ball is in the court of Mahira khan.

Mahira Khan is married and has a child, a very naughty and cute son. Her husband name is Ali Askari and he is also a famous personality in Pakistani TV. There are different opinions about where both met first time, some say that they met first in Indus TV and other say that studies at same university in America. Anyhow, it is not a matter from they start their first day but they are living a very happy married life and enjoying with their families instead of Mahira Khan’s busy schedule.

She is not a only a good actress but also a very good family member also. She gives her full part to support and to make happy her family members. Mahira is very caring person to her babies and to her hubby. Both choose their son name “Azlan”. She has many friends from TV and media including Aiza khan and other models and actresses. Mahira Khan is role model for many Pakistani and Indian girls. She is very beautiful, stunning, smart, intelligent and a good human being. She is also well educated and is had been student of best schools and colleges of Karachi. She also studied abroad. She is also very hardworking girl and never hesitates to do work for hours. Her producers and directors say that she understands her role very quickly and then tries to play it 100% real characters. We can say that she has all to become a top actress in Indian and Pakistan.

Mahira Khan Started here career as VJ and was also very successful at those times. After than Pakistan Media groups gave her chance and she proved that all the people who think about her were right. It is now said that her presence in any play is the key to its success.


Mahira Khan Pics

As every one knows that Mahira Khan is a famous celebrity of Pakistan and also in India. Many people around the globe want to see here wedding, family, husband and other pictures. For this reason, We have collected here some best sites where you can see her videos and pics of different venues and places including dramas.


Wedding Pictures

Although there are lots of different sites which claims to shows us Mahira Khan’s wedding pictures but we have found only this site. Here you can see here wedding photos on barat, walima, mehndi and rukhsati. You can clearly see how she is happy and her family on her big day. It also has pics of her kids, relatives and other family members and friends. Her marriage ceremony was held according to Muslim customs and was a simple cermoany. Only her much closed relatives and friends were invited on wedding. Mahira Khan and Ali Akari are living a very happy life with their son Azlan in Karachi. They have also made foreign trips altogether with complete family members. She is very busy in Movies, modeling and dramas however she manages to give enough time for her son, husband and other family members from her busy schedule.


Family and friends Photos

Largest ollectio of Mahra Khans family, wedding and other pictures. These all pics were taken on different occasions and venues including her trips to colleges, dramas, shows, modeling and other venues. Mahira Khan is a taltented actress and has own awards from famous TV channels for her best acting. You can see here here latest picutes with husband and her son Azlan.


Mahira Khan Fecebook Official Page

Read here all latest news and views pics, dramas, upcoming movies and others about our favourite Mahira Khan. Youi can shee her pics with Anwar Masood at shooting of “Angan Tehra”, commercial and photos with other famous celbs of Pakistani TV and Film. Her first film was “Bol” with new star Fawad Khan. Movie make records in Pakistan and people from all over the world appreciate Mahira’s Work in film. She has worked in Tens of tv dramas and now is going to Movies. Because of her beauty, hard work and acting passion, she is very successful in all projects. She has worked with almost ever popular Pakistani female and male actors. Every one praises her acting. If you want to know about Bin Roy, her wedding, who is Mahira’s Husband, children, dramas, pics etc.

You can know in details about her in official facebook page. She is gorgeous, attractive, hardworking, intelligent and above all a very good human being. Her skin is naturally fair and she don’t need tons of extra makeup but she cares here face, hair and she keep attention on here dresses also. Her smile and eyes beauty is very famous. Thousands of girls in Pakistan and India want to look like here. Although she is very busy in her work but tries to give enough time for her kids, husband and other family members especially on birthdays, ceremonies, eid and other events. There are rumors that she is going to work in a movie with Ranvir Singh but it is not proved yet by her in any interview. But Yes, There is lot of calls from Indian Directors but still she is in Pakistan and God know what’ll happen in future. Time will decide whether she is going to India or not. Although she has working in many dramas but “Humsafar” was her most famous.

She is very popular these days for her morning show in private TV Channels. In an interview with The News she explains that she will only think to work in Bollywood movies if she is given main role in movies. She is confident to play any kind good role in Indian films. And definitely her fans will not like in any conditions if she accept small roles in Indian Movies. She is appearing in “Bin Roy’ with Humayun Saeed which is hum TV film. Of course, Humayun Saeed is one of the best male actors in Pakistan and Mahira too and this combination is success of movie. In her interview she also stated that she has not any female Ideal actress. She don’t want to copy any one else but every one should be unique and original as she or she is. She rarely speaks about her personal life with Ali, Azlan, her mother, father and other family members in TV Talk shows or interviews.


Mahria’s Twitter

We have found two different Mahira Khan’s Twitter Account but it is not proved that both are official or unofficial twitter. Any how both are updated frequently and you can know more about Mahira Khan upcoming New Dramas, Movies, Morning Shows, Commercials or modeling work.


Dramas List

Mahira Khan is very popular these days not only for her morning shows but for here new movies and dramas. Here is a list of her most popular Dramas.

  • Neeyat

  • Humsfar

  • Shehr e Zaat

  • Sadqay Tumhary

She also has worked in many commercials, Movies, modeling and morning shows for different Private TV Channels. She is very choosy and decide to work only once she is fully satisfied with her character.


Height and weight

Mahira Khan is of normal height with 5 feet and 8 inch and looks very studding with this height. She is actress and always try to make herself fit and is also very weight conscious too. Mahira tries to eat only diet with low calories and is not a over eater kind of girl.





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