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“ I am not an Item Girl” said Mathira in a latest interview to Urdu magazine. She born in Harare Zimbabway. Her father is South African and her mother is Pakistani. Mathira came to Pakistan few year before. She returned back to Zimbabwe after working 1 year in Pakistani showbiz industry. She believes Veena Malik as C class actress. She said in a cermoney that Pakistan film industry needs some changes now. Movies are not the same anymore. Singing style is changing gradually. Lollywood Films are also changing slowly but surely. And we’ll see more good movies in near future. Matheera also said that she is absolutely not Veena Malik and don’t compare me with Veena. Sunil Bora from India has cast here in his upcoming movie. He also has already made various famous hit hilms. Veena malik has worked c level in Indian.

Perhaps she wanted to do these types of roles. But I am quite different from here or any other Pakistani Actress so don’t compare me with others. Some people thinks that I am very hot and they want to me see as they wish. They search for “Mathira Hot Pics or Videos”. I am just an actress and I want to play only strong roles. Some filmmakers demand these types of roles but I never signed any role without reading it first. A, B and C level film are made in India. You can sign 10 film in a month. You can also shoot daily. But the reality is that you should sign right film on the right time. For that matter, why do not you have to wait 2 years for this. Good writer and good producer is also very necessary. And most important persons in a film is the man who is behind the camera “director” who can show your hot or vulgar in your full cloths and some times not even with short cloths. Then 2nd role is of your character and other production team.

Mathira stated that she is working only with those people whose thinking is clean. She also declared that she is not only an Item girls and want to label her only hot girl but she want to become an complete actress. But in India many senior actresses are playing Item girl roles. Dance is a tough job and she don’t care about this label. She believes that her future is bright in Indian and Pakistan also. Mathira also thinks that she has come forward very quickly comapraing to other Pakistani models and actresses. She also has passion for singing. She never watch Pakistani Films But she have watched movie “ Mein hoon Shahid Afridi’ and she liked this movie very much. Films could be flop or hit due to its cast and story. If story is strong and artists will have given their best then film definitely would be hit too. Mathira also said that latest Pakistani films are not any less that Indian Movies. Her roles are very short in some movies but people will remember it for years. She have learned much from Indian Actor Rajni Kant that he started his career as guest actor but people liked here acting very much and want to see him more. And these type of work can give you fame.

Mahnoor Baloch is here senior actress and she has performed very nice in film. She don’t think that she is given short roles only. Samina Pirzada is her favourite actress. She also liked Hamayoon Saeed and Faisal Rehman in male actors but she believes Shan as real hero. She also believes that there is no comparison of Shan in Pakistani She wants to stay away from avarice and controversial things.


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 Mathira Mohammad


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 Rose Mohammad

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Fathan Rizvi

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 Harare Zimbabwe

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