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Mehwish Hayat is in the list of most beautiful girls in Asia and definitely she deserves this title. She does not need any introduction when we talk about world of Modeling and Acting. She is very talented and beautiful actress and moreover she knows very well about her these qualities. Mehwish Hayat is not only a good actress but also a very good model. Don’t’ get surprised if every heard a song from here. She is also a very good singer. And with all this she is also a compare in a private TV channel. She has won many awards and titles. In 2008 she was announced in list of top 10 most attractive women in Asia. And this is the title which lot of women can only dream for. Mehwish Started her career as a model and after that she came in TV Dramas. Now she is requirement of TV. Mehwish has also now move on towards Film and already has worked in few movies. But most famous is her hot and item number song in a Pakistani movie. Many people are talking about here this kind of character and say that she don’t required such scenes for fame. Mehwish Hayat started her career in very young age. She was a very cute child for this reason she got work in commercials. And as she grew, she got more work in showbiz industry.

In an interview, Mehwish Hayat said that she was working from her childhood. Her mother also worked in this field. For these reason she got opportunities in this field. But she had not planned about doing this finally. But when she found good work then it became here passion. After that, she worked hard and make her identification soon. Her mother was also an actress and she support Mehwish fully and encouraged here at every step. She belongs to an educated family and her profession is same like any other profession. And she never faced much hurdles from here family and friends. She said about Anchoring that it is a different type of work and already has experienced in this field. Anchoring is a job, through which you can present your original personality but in film and TV Dramas you have to pretend to be someone else.

Modeling is also same and it doesn’t represent your uniqueness. You have to show lot of responsibilities during hosting a program. As a Host, you are also responsible and representative of whole team and you are directly in contact with people. Mehwish feels much better while hosting an program. She also said that Film and Fashion Industry are different fields. Film Industry has seen lot of ups and downs but Fashion industry in all over world and also in Pakistan has made a good point. But Pakistani film industry is reviving again.  We have not lack of talent. Many new girls and boys want to quality work. But the biggest problem is that every one can not find opportunity and much talent is wasted and remains hidden. Fashion industry is going very well and for this reason people thinks good about this. But time has changed now.

We have to struggle altogether for revival of Pakistani Film Industry. Our actors and actresses are struggling for work in India or else where but if our film gain its glory day back then they don’t have to see else where. She feels honored by working in Film, TV, Modeling or hosting as well. Because all these give her recognition. She stated about beauty that God has made everyone very beautiful but we can increase it more through our behaviors. She impressed by talent and good conversation. Mehwish Hayat doesn’t make lot of friends nor she trust many people. She has keen interest in films and already has signed few upcoming projects. She also said that she’ll accept offer from Indian Film Industry because artists have not any boundaries.


Mehwish Hayat Facebook

It is difficult to tell that whether it is unofficial or official page of Mehwish Hayat because there are various facebook pages are around on the net. Any how it seems that it is real Mehwish Hayat's facebook official page. You can see here pictures, videos, latest dramas, videos, wedding news and lot of others news.

Pakistani Artists have to accept every type of role in India because of Pakistani film industry crisis. But she will only work in India if role would be strong else she is happy here. She is also worried about third class copy dramas. She believes that new comers need to join some kind of Training academies. But Pakistan has not any good acting academies. But these should be made for training of Producers, Directors, Writers and others. She also believes that her life partner should also has flexibility about here work and profession. Mehwish is also fond of reading books. Music and dance in free time. She likes to listen music according to mood. Adnan Siddique and Ahsan khan are here favourite male actors. In female actresses she likes Nadia Jameel, Sania Saeed and many others. She wish to work with director Shoib Mansoor and hero Shan.

Mehwish’s favourite food is Biryani and she also can cook it very well. She don’t have much time for kitchen but definitely cook in free times. She want to work in Acting and Anchoring in future. She like to make keep distance from media and don’t like interference in here personal matters. She likes Bracelets and rings in jewelery.

 Mehswish Hayat Facebook


Mewish Hayat Pics / Pictures / Photos / Videos

Mehwish Hayat is very famous in TV and now in Pakistani Films. She is very beautiful, Stylish, Talented artist and above all a very good human being. Many girls believe Mehwish as their role model and becomes like here. Although she never worked in films and dramas for other countries but she is very famous in neighboring countries as well. These days there is lost of new talent is coming but Mehwish is still a very famous and everyone wait impatiently waiting for here new dramas and movies.



There are lots of rumors about Mehwish Hayat Scandal but no one can ever prove it. Because She is one of the top actresses in Pakistan and many people and especially media just guess and doubt about their characters. She has worked in different Dramas and it is naturally that she has to talk with many people including heroes, directors, producers and other co stars. Mehwish Hayat is very broadminded and open hearted and don’t like pride. She doesn’t thinks that she is a super human but a common person.



Mehwish Hayat Video Songs

Here are some best sites where you can watch or download Mehwish Hayat Video songs from different films.  In an interview Mehwish Said that Film maker don’t cast here for Itm songs in their films. She also stated that she is an artist and don’t want to take risks through these kind of songs. People now just want to watch comedy films. She don’t want to see “Item Girl” label on here forehead. Her film “Namaloom Afraad” was much appreciated and people now want change and also entertainment. She also said that she has received lot of offers from Pakistani and Indian Films and there are many people want to contact from Bollywood also. And she is thinking about it but only if her role would be strong.








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Mehwish Hayat


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6th – 01- 1983

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 Danish Hayat

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