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Sensitive, beautiful, charming and intelligent Momal Sheikh is a new star on horizon of Showbiz. She is daughter of famous actor Javed Sheikh and he is also favourite actor of Momal. But she doesn’t want to use her father’s name. She believes it would be her talent which can support her in the way of progress. She is very simple and straight forward kind of a girl. She said in an interview that she never though to come into showbiz nor her father every said her about work in dramas but it is just here luck which bring her in this field. Many people suggest her about doing modeling because of her face beauty. She received many offers for modeling but never thought about it. Finally, after marriage she wishes to work in dramas and she asked about it with her husband and he fully supported Momal. She also said that she was very shy of camera but after working as a host for a program she was fully confident to do every type of role perfectly. She has worked in various TV Drama Serials, Telefilms and has now assigned various model assignments also. And she alos believes that she got all this work not just because of her father but only for here abilities and talent. You can not get success because of your parents but it is just only your hard work, talent and your passion which can push you forward. Yes, People know her father very well and they respect him a lot and she like it very much. She feels great when someone compliment about her father.

Momal Shiekh stated that she has not any intentions to work in film till now but what happened in future no one can say about it. But she is satisfied now about new trend if film making in Pakistan. But still she doesn’t like routine of Pakistani Films. She has learned much after watching work of every actor and actress. She said that every artist has its own importance and she is still learning a lot from other fellows. She praises every artists work who are currently working in TV and Film etc. Viewers from all over the world admire Pakistani Actors. She also said that real beauty of any person is hidden in its inner. She thinks that you would be more beautiful if you are near to nature. People try very crazy to become beautiful but Momal believes that Allah Almighty has made every one very beautiful. She is impressed by talented and hardworking people.

Momal Sheikh said in an interview that our showbiz industry is impressed by Indian Culture. Every people feel proud to do copy of dresses, hair style and even lifestyle. Our TV Channels don’t know borders of our different cultures but they need only money and fame. But on the other hands some of our Pakistani TV Channels are making dramas no various serious issues and viewers like these very much. We must remember first, that we are Pakistani and have our own culture, religion and values which we must have to show in our films and TV dramas.

Our showbiz industry is not very huge but we have lot of talented artists. Due to lack of work many of these are being wasted. They cant polish themselves o that they can get work in other countries including India etc. but on the other hand those people who got opportunities here in Pakistan, got also work in other countries too. This is very serious issue and we have also more examples like these. We have to create lot of opportunities here. Momal Sheikh said that she is very far from here destination but is struggling with here passion and hard work.

Momal also said that we need academies for training of new comers. Every big country has training academies for artists. And these have given many big names to Bollywood and Hollywood film industry. Through these academies artist can overcome their flaws very quickly. So, we have to make these kinds of institutes now or later. And much of our talent is wasted due to lack of these training academies. Momal Sheikh said about her father that her father don’t have much impact on their career. She and her brother totally get work on their own talent and struggle. Javed Sheikh has never said a word about us gets any kind of role in dramas but He says to his children that talent doesn’t need any kind of “Sifarish”. But Momal’s mother watches their dramas and other work very cautiously and tells them some tips and also guide us how to approve our work more. 

Our one knows that Momal Sheikh father is a very good and top actor. And people expect very high level of acting from Momal and her brother. Thus, every assignment is an exam for both of them. Momal also stated that she has not any kind of restriction about her work in showbiz but her husband support her fully and she started her work after marriage. She has full backup of her husband and for this reason she can work in dramas. She has not any intentions to work in films till now but if she is offered good role then definitely will think about it.



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