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Nouman Ijaz is among the best and beautiful actors of Pakistan. He is need of identification of Pakistani Drama. Moreover that, his name in any drama makes it sure about quality of drama. He plays all roles with such dedication and hard work that everyone feels it as a real character. He believes that his training was completed during working in PTV. Nouman is an educated person and degrees of B.A, L.L.B. For this reason his angle of thinking and perspective is very different than other actors. In an interview Nouman Ejaz said that “My parents want to make me a doctor”. Because in Pakistan there are only few good occupations which people want to adopt as their career. He completed his education from Punjab University in LLB Degree.

Nouman Ijaz started his careers of acting by playing a very small role in Nusrat Thakur’s drama. His wife Rabia Nouman has also played some roles in Pakistani drama and they have 3 children. Nouman said that he want to become a newscaster and never thought about acting and came in this field by chance. His first role was only for 50 second with Samina Pirzada in drama “Din” and he has to say just a single dialogue. But he accepted that role and after that his journey in showbiz never stop. His most famous role was in drama “Dahsht” He also stated that his degree of law is very helpful in his career and believes that your education can help you in every stage of your life. He believes in hard work, steadiness and commitment. There are not any good acting academies in Pakistan and new comers can learn this from media centers. Nouman learn acting skils during working with Talat Hussain and Shafi Muhammad type of big actors. He learns much from their performance and craft. He believes that if Pakistani Television industry becomes more organized then it can progress very quickly. These days there is a trend of Private production houses but their work is not of quality but their work is not satisfied.

Nouman Ijaz first job was to work on a staff in Horse and Cattle shows in Lahore. And his showbiz first job was to play a 50 secon role for just Rs. 1500/-. He believes that Allah almighty give him more than he every think. He never feels jealousy from other fellow actors. He also stated about India and other imported dramas that these people don’t want to work hard on new ideas but they are happy by copying others concepts. Real fault is among those private non professional channels that are full of non professional people also. For this reason we are seeing Indian culture in our dramas also. But when we come cover our mistakes then Indian culture automatically will vanished.

Nouman Ejaz said in an interview that He is not in contact with any Indian director of producer till now but he appreciate those Pakistani people who got success in getting work in Bollywood these days in spite of tough competition. He is playing more negative roles these days then every and he said about that it is only producer who thinks that I can perform it better. But his fans also love his negative roles at same level for positive roles.

Nouman said that “I am enjoying TV program “Mazaq Raat” a lot. Through this program we can meet lot of people from Sports, Politics, Writers, Poets, Business men and others. We can see lot of serious things in funny way. He accepted this program only after reading the script and thought it as totally different program. He also says that he loves each of his character and there also every one his favourite.

He spend all his vacation day with his children and wife and he enjoys this day a lot. He never forget the moment when he signed his Nikkah Naama and other moments when he was blessed with his sons. Nouman and his wife Rabia are very happy with their married life and is one of the best married couples in Pakistani showbiz industry. Rabia and Nouman met first time during a drama society in college days. Nouman like to play with his children.  


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