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Sajal Ali name is not only unique and beautiful but also her personality. She said in an interview that she is big fan of herself. She loves herself very much and said always “Mashallah” when see her in mirror. She also stated that she is never impressed by any other’s beauty or never wish that alas! She was beautiful like anyone else. Sajal is in showbiz from last few years but has got lot of fame and also has thousand of fans in a very short period. She has already worked a lot in such a short span of time is many her dramas are in pipeline. She said that she can’t sign any new project for next few months because of her busy schedule. She got almost main character in every drama. She is never been asked to play side heroine. Now the real question is this “How Sajal is so famous and successful”? She said about this success that she played every role as it feels 100% real and she thinks as very near to her heart. During acting she forgets that she is in drama but feels it real situation. She complete drowned in character and tries to giver her full abilities and qualities. She is also unique actress in a way that she always also tries to do rehearsal of character in home before going to shooting. She read script very carefully and understands her character completely. For these all reasons, she doesn’t have to need to do many retakes.


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How she comes in showbiz industry? She answered about this question that she never thought to come in this field. She was very good Naat Khawan in her school days and was also good in debates and love arts. She lived then in Lahore. Once she came to Karachi to meet her relatives then one of her uncle said her that Hamayoon Saeed is taking auditions from new faces and you should also try. She went for auditions and then met with their Hamayoon Saeed and he saw me and Said “Theek Hey” no auditions and not any other world and she was selected. Drama was “Mehmoodabad ki Malkain”. Director of that drama was Nain Minayar and he asked her a questions that do you like acting and she answered that not only like but is crazy about acting. After that he selelected Sajal Ali for main character and it was her beginning. She is very thankfull to Nain Minyar and also she learnt much from this director. After this she completed various other dramas including

  • Ahamd Habib ki Batian

  • Meri Ladly

  • Chandni

  • Merey Qatil Merey Dildaar

  • Mastana Mahi

  • Saas Chali Susral

  • Kitni Girhain Baqi Hain

  • Ohh Meri Billi


She has played different roles but her she liked much her character in “Mastaana mahi” drama. She played a Sindhi young girl and Nikah was arranged in age of just 12 years. Her husband goes for further studies to foreign and there he married 2nd time before coming back to Pakistan. She was given full opportunities to show here acting abilities and talent in this character. She also played a negative role in dramas “Merey Qatil Merey Dildar” but it was a good role and she enjoyed it much.


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Showbizz is not a new field for Sajal Ali. Her mother had also links with Karachi Stage dramas. She worked much in dramas of Lehri and Usman Memon. Sajal learnt much from her mother. And Sajal always says that her position and name is only because of her mother. Once in a drama, Behroz Sabzwari was guiding artists about how to act and I was doing it ay my own, he saw my performance and praised me a lot. She believes that environment of showbiz is the same as her home. But she is not very social person she rather goes to anywhere without shooting.

Sajal Ali said something strange happens during shooting sometimes. During shooting of “Chandani” she was not well but she went for work. During shooting her voice gone suddenly. And she was lately told that there was somekind of ghost “Aasiab” in that house. Another incident was took place in shooting of “Mehmood Abad ki Malkain”. She had to play a death scene and she did not know that where production team is took her for shooting. Then suddenly she reached in a place where there were dead bodies everywhere and she has to laid in between of all these. She frightens lot but had to perform this scène. She remained that for half an hour in very cold temperature and had to face cold and flue after shooting. And was sick for few days after this.

Sajal Ali has wish to do something for others. She believes that her life would be useless if she doesn’t do anything for others. Her birthday is on 17 January and she is very conscious about her sign. She said that she want to live a good life. She is able to face many problems in her life. Her zodiac sign is Capricorn and these people are very beautiful and beloved. They are also famous in helping other people. They have big intentions and wishes. Capricorn females are very responsible and hard working. Moreover she is also very bossy attitude and  also has strong will power. For these qualities they know how to order to carry out their dreams.

Sajal Ali has a sister and a brother and both are younger than her. His father is a business man. Sajal also likes music very much and also want to makes her own album. In dresses, she likes to wear Chorridar Pajama and long shirts. In cites she likes to live in Lahore because she believes that Karachi is now very polluted and even you can’t enjoy on beach. She likes Lahore more because it is her birth place also.



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