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There are tends and hundreds of females actresses in Pakistani TV and Dramas but Sanam Baloch is at top these days in fame and reputation. She is famous TV actress and has performed different roles in various commercials, morning shows and dramas. She has also won award for her best performance. Many people say that she is much better than her sister and other actresses now a day. Anyhow, we have gathered here brief information about her including official Facebook page, wedding pics, husband, scandals, sisters, dramas, videos, height, age and date of birth etc. So, let’s know more about beautiful and stunning Sanam Baloch.


Sanam Baloch Official Facebook Page

Facobook is largest social media site and almost every one has its Facebook page. Thousand of fans want to know Sanam Bolach Facebook page. It has all information, pictures, videos, latest news and much more about your favourite actress. This page is updated frequently almost on daily basis and if you are eager to know current news about Sanam then there is not best place to know more about here than Official Facebook page. She can speak English, Urdu, Sindhi and some other languages as well also. She started here career from a Sindhi TV and then never looks back in the way of her line.

Sanam has also played key roles in some music videos and were much appreciated by her fans. She has worked with different producers and for various Pakistan TV Channels. It is also a rumor that she has also an offer to work in Indian Film Industry but currently she is not thinking about it. When she first came to host morning shows, many people were thinking that whether she can do it or not but time has proved that she is also very successful in Morning shows also. Millions of people not only from Pakistan from Karachi to Peshawar but also from Middle East, US, England and other countries watch here morning shows daily. Lot of girls copy here dress, speaking style, fashion, hair style and other qualities of Sanam Baloch.

In a Tv show her sister stated that “My mother appreciate Sanam more that me because of her better acting and performance in TV Dramas than me”. And it is true that here sister is also a successful actress but Sanam is more beautiful, charming and more attractive than here elder sis. She is not a good actress and host but is also a very kind and big hearted human also. She is always ready to help other specially poor. We hope that why she'll start here own NGO for education, poverty, human rights and other issues in Pakistan. In short, she is not only beautiful outside but also from inside.


Sanam Baloch Wedding Pics and Videos

Thousand of Sanam Baloch’s fan wish to see her wedding pictures and videos. We have collected here some best sites where you can see her wedding photos. Everyone want to know that what dresses Sanam wore one her Mehndi, Barat, Walima and what type of makeup she adopted and how she looked on that special day.  Sanam is naturally very beautiful even without makeup and she looks more stunning and charming after some brushes and hairstyles.

Sanam Baloch Wedding Photos

Abdullah Farhat also worked in Samaa TV and there both met and now live a happy married life. This site has largest collection of Sanam Baloch wedding pics. At here special day she wore a white dress and Abdullah also could be seen wearing a white sherwani. In many picture you can see that who happy are and her sisters, parents, friends and other relatives. These pictures were taken on Walima, Barat and Mehndi events by wedding photographers and other family members too.

Sanam Baloch Pics with her Husband on Wedding

Here are collection of best photos at wedding event of Sanam Baloch and Abdullah Farhatullah. They both worked at Samaa TV and has started there new journey. You can see here collection of photos of Barat, Mehdni, Walima, Rukhsati and other events on marriage. Sanam is looking dazzling at every event with here pure face beauty and her unique kind of smile.

Sanam Baloch Wedding Pictures

one of the biggest collection of Sanam Baloch wedding pictures. You can see clearly that how much happy she is looking at her marriage. All Pakistani wedding customs were celebrated and all have in photos now including Sheesha Dikhai, Ring, Doodh Pilai ki rasm, Baraat, Rukhsati and Walima etc. She liked to wear white wedding dress on here marriage day and she is looking a beautiful fairy. You can see also here full family pictures of Abdullah Farhatullah and Sanam Baloch.

Sanam Baloch Wedding Video

You can watch here video of Sanam Baloch and Abdullah Farhatullah wedding. It has covered Mehndi with wedding songs and other events as well. She is lookgin very beautiful and gorgeous on her wedding day. We can say that her husband is so lucky that he have found a very beautiful wife. We pray for their successful married life and may they enjoy their happy life.



Sanam Baloch is married with Abdullah Farhatullah. He also hosts a show on a TV channel and is a famous personality. You can see sanam and Abdullah wedding pics at different sites.



There are lot of rumors around for last few months about Sanam Baloch Scandal but reality is that she is very loyal and is now living a very happy married life with her husband Abdullah Farhatullah. Because she is very popular these days and at top in the list of Pakistani female actresses and hosts. For this reason media and other people try to make here fake scandal without any facts. All celebrities in Pakistan, Indian and even in other countries have to face these types of bogus scandals.



Sanam Baloch has sisters Maheen Baloch, Ghanwa Baloch and Sabreen Hisbani. You have already seen Sabreen and Ghanwa in different commercial ads and in TV dramas. Sanam is most famous and popular among her all sister and gaining more and more popularity day by day. You can see here sisters and family pictures are different social media and various other sites.


Height, Age and Date Of Birth

Sanam height is 5 feet and 5 inches but when she use high heel shoes then she looks more longer than her real height. 5.5 is a very good height for a girl and it makes here more beautiful and given her good looking feelings. Sanam Baloch date of birth is 14, July 1986. Now you can easily understand about her real age by calculation some years.



 Dramas List

Snam Baloch has played various roles in different TV Dramas. Her is list of Sanam Drala list

  • Judai

  • Doraha

  • Band Khirkeyon key peedhay

  • Abhi Abhi

  • Nor Por ki Raani

  • Man Challay

  • Zeenat Bint e Sakina Haazir Ho

  • Dastan

  • Daam

  • Sehra Teri payas

  • Zindagi Dhoop aur tum Ghana saya

  • Akbari and Asghari

  • Koch Payar ka Pagal Pan

  • Durr e Shawar

  • Roshan Setara

  • Nadamat

  • Kankar

  • Mera Payaar




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