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Sanam Saeed is well famous theatre and TV Actress and will not accept offer from films. She started theatre in age of 6 years and modeling in age of 16 years. Sanam was much impressed by performance than modeling. And she got first comedy drama in 2001. She has completed projects like “Daam”, Mata e Jaan hey tu” and many others TV Dramas. Viewers know very well that this girl will play some kind of big role some day and it was proved through “Kasf” in “Zindagi Gulzar hey” which was directed by Sultana Siddique. Kashf give a new identification to Sanam Saeed.


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Saneem Saeed was born in London but she spent her childhood in Karachi. She was very naughty and creative from her childhood. She has a sister and brother and Sanam is eleder of all. She was bossy and always try to order her younger sister and brother. She was fond of acting from her childhood and she played lot of small dramas at home with her family and friends. Her mother was a teacher and she was very religious too. And she trained here children on this way also. Sanam say prayers Namaz 5 times a day and also never leave any fast in holy month of Ramadan. She also is used goes to listen Dars e Quran. Both sisters had to do separate work including cleaning of the house, dusting, cloth washing and others. Her mother maintained discipline in the house and all this training from her mother is very helpful now.

Sanam Saeed is very simple girl and like to wear simple dresses. She wears full sleeves and full neck dresses. She wears all this type of dresses in all her dramas. She never wears Chorridar Pajama but like shalwar but sometimes she wear jeans with long shirts. She also likes simple cottons dresses. She believes that it is your inner which makes you more beautiful than just a dress. Carrying a dress with proper way can makes you impressive personality.


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Because her mother was a teacher and educational environment in the home remain often so Sanam took lot of interest in other activities than studies also. She has also completed graduation in film and theatre from Lahore. She wished to continue her studies but due of her busy schedule in theatre could not do it. When she started theatre then Momina from Hum TV was in touch with her continuously. Momina wanted that I should work for tv also. She also worked in college dramas also but she did her first public play when she was in her A level. Then it never stops till now. She believes that theatre is foundation of acting. Theatre is very necessary and helpful in expressions. There are lot of rumors about her wedding or engagement but not confirmed yet.


  • Daam

  • Mera Naseeb

  • Mata e Jaan Hey Tu

  • Talkhiyan

  • Zindagi Gulzar Hey

  • Dil Mera Dharkan Teri

  • Kadoorat

  • Kahin Chand na Sharma jaey

  • Tmana Ki Tamana

  • Ik Kasak Reh Gai

  • Firaaq

  • Diyar e Dil



  • Alif Allah Jugni

  • Aisha with Coke Studio


She gave her first TV audition for Indus Music. She was very shy from cameras but one of her friends was with her and she encouraged her much. She is working on television now for few years and has given lot of hit dramas including Mera Naseeb, Zindagi Gulzar Hey, hamsafar, Daam, Mata e Jaan hey Tu and Talkhiyan, Kadoorat etc. but her most famous and hit drama was Zindagi Gulzar hey.


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 Sanam Saeed


 Model, Singer and Actress

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 Sana Sarfraz

Height 1.75 meters or 5.74 feet

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