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If you are looking for information about “How to check Jazz Number details” including ownership, location and others then it is possible by simply dialing a code number. This is a strange situation when someone does not know the number of his/her SIM. Because you want to load at this number or want to tell anyone your number. But do you actually know what your number is?

If  you are also a victim of such a disturbing situation, then there is also a solution to this problem.



Jazz Sim Number Checking Code Information



Mobilink Jazz



Code Number










More Details

  • You can use this code *99# to check your sim number only without balance or charges. It is totally free.

  • This code works on new and as well as old sims also.

  • After Dialing a code from your Mobilink Sim You will receive a message from company having sim number starting with country code 92. After that you will see real sim number. which you can use.

  • You can only check number and not other details including ownership, call history or any other kinds of information.

  • This service will work only for those number which you are using in your mobile phone.

  • It is not legally valid to check any other's sim number details including number, ownership etc.

  • Ceck as many time as you want, If you forget your number then use this code again to know your Jazz Sim Number.



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