How to Get Telenor Advance Balance (Code Number)



Know here How to get Telenor Advance Balance. When your balance reach below a limit then you can get advance Balance from Telenor Company. You will get Rs. 15 and company will deduct this amount in next recharge along with service charges which are Rs. 3. It means you have to return Rs. 18. This all process is automatic and you dont have to dial any special code.

We have give below Telenor Advance Balanc Code Number.


Dial Code Number *0#
Total Amount of Balance Rs. 15/-
Check your Balance Code *444#
Charges Rs. 3.00 will be deducted at next time of recharge
Avail Again No - Only 1 Time till next reharge
Talkshawk and Djuice For both types of Customers


Further Details

  • You can not get loan more than single time before you return first one.

  • There is no limit to qualify for advance. It means whenever you want, you can get loan whether you have 1 Rupees or more than 100 rupees in your account.

  • You can also check how much you have now in your account by dialing *444# from your number.

  • If you have not returned your first advance till then cant apply for another one.

  • Dialing number *0# is totally free. It means if you have 0 balance in your account then you can also dial this number to get telenor advance.

Telenor Advance Balance Ka Tarika


ٹیلی نار ایڈوانس لینے کا طریقہ

اگر آپ کا بلینس کم ہو جائے تو آپ ٹیلی نار سے اڈسانس بھی لے سکتے ہیں۔ یہ ایڈوانس کی رقم آپکے اگلے ریچارج میں سے خاٹ لی جائے گی۔ نیچے کوڈ نمبر دیا گیا ہے۔

اپنے ٹیلی نار کے نمبر سے #0*ملائیں۔

آپکے اکائونٹ میں اسی وقت 15روپے کی رقم ڈال دی جائے گی۔

Telenor Advance Balance Code

Charges of telenor Advance Balance

All Mobile network companies charge for almost every service they provides to their customers whether it is very huge size or a tiny service. You have to also pay an extra amount if you get Telenor Advance Balance at time of your next recharge both for Talkshawk and djuice packages.

Rs. 3:00 will be deducted automatically for this service but Company will inform you through a message with all detials. For example, You get amount of Rs. 15 as Telenor advance balance and next time Rs. 18 will be deducted from you total recharge amount.

Talkshawk and Djuice Advance Balance Ka Tarika

Method of getting Advance loan is the same whether you are using Talkshawk or Djuice customer. It means just dial *0# from both typs of packages. All procedure, charges and others things are also same.


Telenor Advance SMS Code

There is no need to send sms for telenor advance balance but just dial a code number which is mentioned above. Anyhow, you will recieve a conifmation messege on success of advance balance.

How Many Time can i Get Telenor advance balance

You can avail this service on 1 time till. To avail balance again you have to return this amount with extra charges and only can then try again.





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