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 Telenor Call History Registration

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How to View telenor Call/sms History

To check your call history you can do this at Telenor My Account.

Apne Telenor Number ki Complete Details

Every customer of telenor can check his complete details through My Account.

Apni Sim ki Call History

Sim ki Call history Check karain through just registration.




Many people ask question like "How can I Check My Telenor Call History record"?  Telenor is one of the largest mobile service providers in Pakistan and other countries. Millions of people use this service and many of these also want to know how to check telenor call history. All Mobiles Companies have records of you cell phone incoming and outgoing calls for few days.


Telenor is best mobile service provider in the World. You can also check your call history for free. This services is available for self care services section. This service is available both for Post paid and Prepaid customers. Self care service has lot of other benefits such as Mange your contact, check your call records, Sms and others.


How to Check Telenor Record History


For registration just give some basic information such as your mobile number and password. Or get your telenor account at Or register in Telenor Weblounge which allows many services including call history check and other services.


You can find many software on the net which claims to check call history of any number online. But technically and legally it is not possible because call are recorded only in your related mobile network company computer and not anywhere else. Or when police or any other government Agency wanted call history of any specific number, they contact with mobile company and can take record of that number for last week, a month or more.


Login at to get all services including call, sms and others. If you are new user then first get registration and you will receive a code from company. In start, service was available only for prepaid customer but it is also available for postpaid member of telenor. It has lot of benefits for every customers, It is so good that every telenor customer should be member of self care so that he/she can get benefit of call history record check, sms details, recharge and alter or update your personal information.


We hope that Telenor will make the whole process very easy and simple, so that every customer can check their own call history at their own mobile phone with simple code or by dialing a special number.



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