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Ufone is one of the largest telecom companies in Pakistan and always offers best packages for customers. You can get here full details of ufone 3g packages, Settings, Coverage including bucket name, price, volume, timings, subscription and unsub code etc. You can choose from list of packages according to your needs and ease. Price range is from Rs. 10 to Rs. 125/- fro a day to monthly. Some of these could be used for 24 hours and other has limit of time for few hours. Although other mobile network companies also has 3g packages but ufone is few steps ahead of all in its rates and quality of services. Now enjoy Mobile internet at very low price but very fast speed that you can even watch videos, download movies and can play games like in PCs and Laptops. 3g is  name of speed and uninterruptible net speed. Below is the full details of ufone packages.

Ufone 3G Packages



Ufone 3g settings


(For Best Speed): Try to buy HSPA mobile handsets. Because HSPA sets gives more speed than WCDMA handsets on 3g network.



How to Activate 3G settings on Ufone? / Ufone 3G Settings


If you want to use 3g speed on your new mobile phone set in any area of Pakistan then it is very easy to do so. This is a method to check whether your mobile set supports 3g or not. It is applicable on all types of sets including iPhone, Qmobile, Samsung and others.

  1. First of All, write 3G and send this massage to number 5544 from your ufone New SIM.

  2. If your phone is showing 3G or H on top of screen then your new phone will work on 3g.

  3. For 3G compatible mobile phones there is no need for extra settings to use Ufone 3G service.  


It is very easy to configure your 3g setting for all mobile phone sets including Nokia, Qmobile, Samsung, ufone, Android, iPhone and others. Just explore official site of Ufone Manual GPRS and MMS Setting page and chose your handset. After this, select model from given list and in no time you will be seeing complete details of 3g settings of your handset with all required information. If  you have still problems then get help and guidance from any ufone franchise near you or call at company helpline or customer care number.


Ufone 3g Coverage Area

If you want to use ufone 3g service then you must have 3g compatible phone set and also you are in 3g coverage area. This new technology is now available almost all major cities of Pakistan and expanding more in smaller areas as well and even during traveling on famous roads such as Motorway or GT Road. If you can see “3g or H on your mobile screen, then it means than you are in 3g area or your city is in list of 3g coverage. Another way to know whether your city or area is in 3g or not by sending a message to *3344#.  You will receive a confirmation message soon.


Ufone Daily Internet Package

Although ufone offers lot of different internet packages including hourly, weekly, monthly and special buy most favourite of every one is Daily Internet package. Currently ufone offers 50 MB of data at Charges or Rs. 10 per day. Validity period of this net package is for 24 day. We have given complete method of how to subscribe and unsubscribe below.


How to activate ufone daily internet package?

You can activate or subscribe ufone daily internet package by dialing 100 OR

Send message “sub” to 804. you will receive confirmation message and other details in few moments of your request. After this you can use your daily internet. But remember to check remaining balance and or mb after using net.


How to unsubscribe / Disable ufone daily internet package

You can unsubscribe or disable your daily internet package by sending message “unsub” to 8804. This sms will deactivate your net package. After this you can activate another package.


Ufone Super Recharge Offer

Ufone offer super recharge offer at different rates. You can choose from Mini super car, Power Hour and 2 days recharge offer.







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