Ufone Advance Balance Code

Get here complete information about how to get ufone advance balance, loan or credit. It bothers everyone one your balance reached at end during call. But all companies including ufone give offer to get some limited amount as advance or loan. This advance is deducted in your next load.   So lets take a look about hot to take ufone advance, what it its code, how to unsubscribe from this facility and other information.


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Ufone advance code 2018


Ufone advance balance code


Ufone Advance Unsubscribe code


Ufone Advance Balance Check Code


Ufone Balance Code


Ufone Loan Code


Ufone Advance During Call or low balance

Dial 1 to avail U Balance



Ufone Advance Balance Code


How to get ufone advance balance?


You can take advance balance as a loan or credit which will be deducted in your next load. If you need it then dial #456#. OR

Another way to get ufone advance is another easy method. If you know that your balance can reach at end during your call. Then dial 1 during the call and receive advance immediately or now. So these are only 2 methods of advance loan and have not any special code.


How much amount is given as advance.


Currently ufone advance load amount is Rs. 30/-. But remember that ufone also deduct 4 rupees extra as service charges from your next recharge.


How to Unsubscribe ufone Advance Balance?

Many customers of ufone want to know what the method of ufone fone advance balance is unsubscribe. If is not very difficult to unsub and any one can do it easily in minutes. Company changes its offers and policies of its different services. Ubalance is available when someoneís balance drop almost near to Rs. 12. Then you can get advance loan automatically through this service. Many people donít want this service any more and want to unsub from it. You can unsubscribe from auto balance alert by simply dialing *127*2#.




Ufone Loan

Ufone advance loan is a best option when someone is out of balance and needs balance to continue talking. Customers can get benefits from UAdvance offer. When your balance reaches at Rs. 6/-, Ufone automatically sends you Rs, 30/- as advance loan or credit.

Hot to get or avail Ufone Advance Loan or balance:


You have to dial *456# from your ufone number to get loan. Next listen instruction form ufone and press your required button. You have to pay Rs 4 as service charges in you next load or recharge.



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