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  Find here information about ufone internet packages. Ufone offer lot of 3G internet packages for daily, weekly, monthly, hourly and other packages. Prices are according to data and speed or validity dates. Explore more information below about packages, how to unsub and how to activate these all packages.


Ufone Monthly Internet Packages




If you are net user and want to use internet on you mobile phone then there is not best choice than Ufone. It offers lot of internet packages for every as per your needs. You can choose any of internet packages from Hourly, daily, Weekly and Monthly. Below are the details for only ufone monthly internet packages.


Monthly 1 GB Bucket

It is one of the best and cheap internet monthly packages by ufone for those students and other people want to use internet any time or any day of the months.

  • You can buy this monthly package for Rate of Rs. 250 per month

  • Data usage or volume limit is 1 GB in a month. If you reach your data limit before a month then you will have to purchase more volume of data

  • Whether it is night or day, just use it any time in 24 hours as you needed

  • You can subscribe by dialing code “*7807#. You will receive a confirmation message soon

  • Unsub code is not available on official website of ufone

  • All freebies are also applied through this package including Facebook, Twitter, Skype and other social sites


Monthly 3 GB Bucket

As the name itself shows that this package is for those people who want to use 3 GB volume of data in a month. This and other all internet packages are only for prepaid ufone customer.

  • Package name is “Monthly 3GB Bucket”

  • Monthly rate is Rs. 500 including all taxes or other charges

  • You can use total 3GB of volume or data download etc in a month or in few days as your requirements

  • There is no daily time limit but can be used 24 hours in a day

  • You can activate this monthly package by dialing *803# and send it

  • There is no activation or unsub code is applicable on this package


10 GB Package

This is currently larges and biggest Internet package by ufone for those people who have to download or use lot of net through their mobile phones. Below is its complete method including rates, subscription method and other details? Always keep in touch with the company for change in their rates, policies and other rules or regulation about their products.


  • It is called “Monthly 10 GB Bucket”

  • You can use 10 GB of data volume in a whole month or before its limit

  • Price of this package is Rs. 1 thousand Rupees of single time

  • Get it by dialing *5100# and wait for confirmation by company

  • This package also no need for unsubscribe or deactivate


Ufone Weekly Internet Packages

These ufone internet weekly packages are very popular among student and business men because of its volume and rates. Although weekly packages have limited or less data that other large packages but are very useful for many people and thousands of peoples are already using these all over Pakistan. Below are details of these weekly internet packages with rates and prices etc.

  • 100 MB

  • 250 MB


Weekly Light Bucket

This is smallest weekly internet package by ufone which is available for just Rs. 50 and is cheapest of all companies also if you talk about quality of services and customer services.

Rates:  Rs. 50/-

Total Volume: 250 MB

Timings: 24 Hours in a day

Subscription Code: Dial *7811#


Weekly heavy Bucket

Price: Rs 125

Tobal MB: 500

Code: *7815#



Ufone Daily Internet Packages

You can use 50 MB of data daily in this package. Activation or subscription charges for daily internet package are Rs. 10/- activation code is 804.


Ufone Hourly Internet Package

Activation Code is 806. customers can use unlimited internet at Rate of Rs. 15/- per hour. Send code to ufone for subscription.

 Ufone Monthly internet package

You can use 2GB data at Rs. 200/- per month. Validity period of monthly package is 30 days. Send code 4547 for activation.


Ufone other internet packages are also available for different data limits and days. These are:


30 MB


6 GB



Ufone offers different types of Internet packages including weekly, daily, 3g, 4g, monthly, hourly and others. You can deactivate or active by yourself or by asking your nearest ufone franchise in every city of Pakistan.


How to check Remaining Internet Balance?


 Whether you are using hourly, daily, weekly or monthly internet package you can check your remaining internet balance by a very simple way. Code for checking remaining internet Mb for every package is the same.

Just dial *706# from you ufone sim

Soon you will be sent a message with your internet remaining volume or balance which you can use in your time limit.



Ufone Internet Settings


Mobile internet is gaining more and more popularity day by day. Using net through mobile phone is not a big deal now. You can also avail quick speed of 3g of 4g on your mobile phone if your handset is compatible or if service is available in your city. You can configure your mobile setting for internet at ufone manual gprs and mms setting for all mobile phone including android, htc, iphone 5, qmobile, sony, Samsung and others. You can find here complete settings for internet on your mobile set. All instructions are given step by step so that any can configure for ufone internet setting.


Ufone offers various internet packages, it is your choice that what is best for you. We are giving here information such as how to activate and deactivate ufone internet packages. How to subscribe one day/daily, weekly and monthly packages. Below is the detail of ufone internet packages including usb.


Ufone Edge USB (1 month unlimited Free Internet)

You can buy internet USB from Ufone at rupees 45 hundreds only. You can use internet free of cost for first month. Another option is to buy usb for Rupees 7000/- and use internet for six months for free. This usb is used both on laptop and pc and is accessible from any where in Pakistan. You can buy this usb for internet from any ufone customer service centre. There is no need to install any kind of software or driver to use, just plug and play system.


Ufone Unlimited internet package

Package name is “Hourly Internet Package” and it will cost you Rupees 15 per hour. It is unlimited package. You can activate by sending sms code “806”.


Monthly Package

Ufone offer various internet packages on monthly basis with different speeds with 30 MB, 2 GB, 6 GB and unlimited use. Postpaid mobile internet with unlimited use for rupees 500/-. You can activate by sending sms “805”.

Another is by dialing *5506# to get monthly unlimited internet package for rupees 250/-. You can use 1.5 gb of data including MMS.


Ufone Socialife Monthly

Ufone offer very cheap package for every one to use facebook, twitter, WhatsApp and other social website. Cost of this package is just Rupees 50/- only for a month. You can subscribe by dialing #5858#.



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