Trace Mobile Number in Pakistan 

Lot of people are searching for how to trace mobile number with name and location address in Pakistan and India. It is matter of security and safety also. Cell phone Companies will never give complete control of this type of information to customers but very limited. It is 100% applicable to trace someone phone number of mobile number. Because when someone use mobile, he / she is using some specific mobile phone towers and then some specific antennas on it. So cell phone companies have all records for outgoing and incoming calls and persons exact location.

Although there are also lot of software which claims for mobile number trace. There are also different laws in country to country.  But we suggest that always read reviews if you are planning to buy some kind of mobile number tracer software.

Trace Mobile Number / Mobile number Tracker

 This website claims for tracking of mobile numbers, find name, address and city address. But it just tells mobile number city and not complete information about that specific number. But you can check any number including jazz, telenor, warid, ufone and zong. You can get this information free online.



Trace Mobile Number Location


Many people want to know that how to trace any mobile number location in Pakistan. Although these kinds of facilities are available only to Police, Army and other security agencies of Countries. Anyhow, every mobile company in Pakistan including Telenor, Ufone, Jazz, zong or ptcl has technology and equipment which can trace exact location of a person. And it is possible through Mobile towers and other devices. You can directly contact with mobile service provider to trace mobile number


 Find Location of Mobile Number


This website claims to have mobile directory of Pakistan. To know location and address of any mobile number you have to just select code (i.e. 300) and then enter complete mobile number without code in next box. It will shows you complete biodata including mobile number, address, sim owner name and location. This site also has other information such as total distance between two cities, how to check facebook user location. You can also know your Islamic date of birth and know your age in Years, Months, Weeks, Days and even hours.


Mobile Number Tracker


You might have already heard about gps tracker. It is a device which are very popular these days and is mostly used in cars, trucks, buses and other vehicles. But is it possible to track and mobile sim number in Pakistan. Companies are working hard and very quickly to introduce new technologies these days. To track a mobile number is very easy through some software and devices. You can get more information about International mobile number tracker. You have just choose country then code and number. This service is totally free for every one. It also has other software utilities including GPS Tracker, GSM Tracker, CDMA, Wi-Fi and phone finder.


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