Zong 4g Packages Rates, Wingle USB device 

Zong Brings fastest Internet in Pakistan with 4g technology for its valuable customers. Let's know more about Zong 4g Packages. You can choose from weekly or monthly and unlimited packages at very affordable rates. It is available for mobile phone or through its USB device if you need a wifi service. 4 technologies is a one step ahead of 3g and require very simple settings.


You can enjoy with Zong 4G Internet live video chat, can watch HD Movies, Play HD Games online or upload and download very large files in minutes. Multitasking is also possible with 4g technology.


Zong 4g Wingle Device Packages


Zong brings faster wifi devices in Pakistan. Its 4G LTE Wingle can gives you speed of 150 Mbps. It comes with 1 year of warranty. You can connect 10 different devices in near by locations at your home, office or anywhere including mobile phone, tablets, PCs and laptops. There is no need of some extra complicates settings, software or extra hardware except the device to run wingle wife. It comes with Plug n Play option which every one likes. Here are some of its packages you can choose from according to your needs.


It is basically a modem in USB shape which you can connect to any kind of device such as PC, Laptop, LED etc. It will connect with zong 4g automatically in less than a a minute. Wifi wingle device is available at all franchises in and customer service centers in your city. Activation of this device is also very easy through MBB Sim card or by subscribing with zong internet packages.

There are various ways to charge Zong Wingle device including through zong mini load, through debit card etc. customers can check their remaining balance automatically through SMS service after specific period of data utilization. Through Zong 4G wingle you can also send SMS.




Zong 4G Wingle USB is a plug n play device and will work automatically almost on every kind of device. It will work with Windows XP, 7, 8 and others. It also supports other operating systems such as MAC OS 10.7 to latest versions. So, there is no need to install any kind of special software to run Zong 4G wingle Device or to set up any kind of particular driver.



How to Activate Zong 4G?


There are 5 different ways to activate Zong 4G service for first time. Anyone can subscribe this fastest service very easily from any type of number.

  1. If you have zong mobile number then just make a call to number 310.
  2. If you are on any other network except zong then dial 9951.
  3. You can also dail the code *6767# if you have and know about Master Number.
  4. If you have already attached zong 4G LTE Wingle on any of your device then you can also use its built in software for activation.
  5. And finally, If nothing is working then contact with your nearest Zong franchise or customer service centre.



Zong 4G Coverage Area


There is no need to check zong 4G coverage area map through any kind of special code but this service is currently available in all big cities of Pakistan including these.











And many other cities


Zong management is trying to launch its 4G service soon in other cities of Pakistan in Punjab, KPK, Sindh and Balochistan and others.


How to Use 4G in Zong?


As we have mentioned earlier that there are various ways you can use for Zong 4G services. If you want to use it through mobile phone then just purchase Zong 4G enable sim from franchise office. Remember that 4G sim is totally different than your current sim which is 64 K Sim. You can check through Official website of Zong 4g page that whether your mobile phone set is 4G enabled or not. Mobile phone settings are also available at zong site.

There are different kinds of 4g Bundles available but one of the most suitable is All-in-1 Bundle which has free Minutes, SMS and internet.



4G Speed


As you know that 4G is latest technology and is most used only for 1 thing and that is speed. Many new fellows ask the question that what speed of 4g internet is. First thing is that, Differently it is lot faster than 3G and you can avail speed up to 150 Mbps but it could vary in different times specially in busy hours. Now you will see here difference between 3g and 4G net speed here. If you are out of 4G area then it will automatically work on 3G and 2G which is available almost in every area of Pakistan.


Normal 3g Run on 21 Mbps

Zong 4G LTE gives speed up to 150 Mbps



List of 4G Supported Mobiles


If you want to use 4G service from any of network in Pakistan then you must also have 4G mobile phones. Fortunately, there are tens of companies in Pakistan which has lot of models which support 4g technology. Here is the list of 4G supported Mobile Phones in Pakistan.


  • Nokia (Lumia 1320, 930)
  • Haier (Esteem L 50)
  • HTC (One MB)
  • Huawei (Honor 6, P7, G 7, Y550, Mate 7)
  • Xperia (Z3)
  • Samsung (Galaxy A7, Alpha, J1)
  • Qmobile (LT 150, X 950, Z 9, LT 250)
  • iPhone (6, plus)








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